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Roll back the clock with this retro dice roller for your next D&D adventure. 8-Bit Dice Roller™ gives you instant pixelated results without any fancy physics.


  • Instantly Reroll all dice
  • No Math! Automatic Doubling & Halving of result
  • Advantage & Disadvantage Buttons for D20
  • Save Two Custom Rolls
  • Hold a die to juggle & slam it down!
  • Easily add your saved Ability Modifiers or Proficiency Bonus
  • Switch between Single & Continuous Roll Modes
  • Speech Bubble displays the Roll Breakdown
  • Click the Speech Bubble to see your Previous Roll History
  • Enable Micro Mode to conserve desktop space
  • Critical Character Animations

Custom Dice

Personalize your dice! Choose from 6 materials and 14 colors to create the perfect dice set for your character. Over 1000 possible combinations!

More to Come

  • More tray themes—including Fantasy & Sci-Fi settings
  • More animations & characters
  • More dice materials
  • Possible Windows Version (Currently no way to test, but if you'd like to test a Windows version, please let me know)

Cocked Die?

This app is the first I've created and it's still in active development. If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or if you find any bugs, I'd love to hear from you.


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A mac exclusive game? ive been looking for this my whole life. MAC EXCLUSIVITY!!!

this is awesome!!

This is so very cute and awesome!

Would love for a Windows release, but this is making me consider looking into MacOS emulators!


Thank you! That's wonderful to hear. I hope to eventually get a Windows version together soon, I just need to find a way to test.